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Paul Emmanuel, Transitions 3, drawing 1

William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley, Northern Cape province, South Africa
15 April – 15 May 2009

Transitions documents shifting male identity. This was the 3rd showing of this touring solo museum exhibition comprising an installation of 5 original drawings, courtesy of the Spier Contemporary Collection and the short film 3SAI: A Rite of Passage (2008). Transitions premiered at The Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg South Africa in 2008 and debuted internationally at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington DC, USA in 2010. Art Source South Africa are managers of Emmanuel's Transitions project.

Press release from Art Source South Africa [PDF]

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Transitions book with essay Conversations on the Transience of Light by André Croucamp [PDF]

Transitions concept document [PDF]

How the Transitions drawings were made [Video 2 min 42 sec]

On making 3SAI: A Rite of Passage [PDF]

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