Meermanno Museum, The Hague


Exhibition organized by The House of the Book (a collaboration of Museum Meermanno and the National Library of the Netherlands)

The exhibition will illucidate the reading process. The six rooms each have a theme that is linked to the physical process of reading: leafing through, touching, looking, remembering, focussing and reacting. Most of our senses are involved in the process, as are many areas in the brain. Questions about the process will help the visitor formulate some answers: How does the reading brain work? What types of reading should be distinguished? How to deal with multi media books – sound, image, typography? How to experience works on paper versus digitized works? The show unites works that are multisensorial or pluriform (video/paper, sound/image etc). There will be no books in cases, all works can be touched by the visitors.

Selected artists: Scott Blake, Amaranth Borsuk & Brad Bouse, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Marinus van Dijke, Paul Emmanuel, Eyejack, Juan Fontanive, Carina Hesper, Mirabelle Jones, William Kentridge, Kraak & Smaak, Michael Mandiberg, Simon Morris, Didier Mutel, Rick Myers, Heidi Neilson, Joyce Overheul, Sebastian Schmieg & Silvio Lorusso, Rebecca Sutherland, Elisabeth Tonnard.

The Lost Men Project, Grahamstown was selected by the curators for this exhibition.



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